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Michelle R. Henry,  APRN FNP-C

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

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Owner and creator, Michelle R. Henry APRN FNP-C, is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, with over 20 years of clinical experience in critical care and almost a decade in aesthetic medicine. She has combined her clinical expertise and extraordinary skills to become a master cosmetic injector and corrective skincare specialist. Michelle understands the importance of representation in a very niche market, so her goal was create a company that could offer safe luxury aesthetics services to people of color. Her belief is that aesthetics should be inclusive, diverse and innovative.


Michelle’s aesthetic journey started as a plastics surgery intern. Once she earned her Masters Degree in Nursing she saw that there was a need for people of color in aesthetics. She started offering skincare in a 100 square-foot studio where her clientele grew and so did her services. To meet that demand BioLuxe Aesthetics expanded into a 2,200 square foot luxury full service medical spa offering a variety of treatments. Michelle strives to make meaningful connections to each and every one of her clients. Her passion for aesthetics and beauty drives her eagerness to provide amazing treatments by implementing best practices in aesthetics. This has contributed to the constant growth of her clientele.

She continues to strategically build her team of providers that share the same desire to provide exceptional service, while staying connected to their clients and community.


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